Personal Training to reach your MAXIMUM.

It doesn't matter if it's loosing excess weight, improving your strength, gaining muscle mass, or just lack general exercise motivation. I will be fully committed to whatever your goal may be and I am confident with my knowledge and passion you will succeed your set goal and expectations.


It is a very daunting and lonely place when you step foot in a gym and suddenly your mind goes blank, "what do I do now" this is a question a lot of people ask themselves after they have been on the bike for 10 minutes. On average you will spend more time thinking about what to do next rather than the workout you should be doing. I can take all the stress and panic away for you and the only thing you will need to worry about is what "exercise next" and how its helping you reach your goals. You should be leaving the session feeling like your body has done the workout and not so much your mind. Your body is the best outfit you can wear and you should feel confident in it.

You will be benefiting from the motivation and coaching skills that I have developed over the last 5 years in your sessions. I have had a very unique client base since I started in the industry, each one having different goals and requests. This is the reason why I love my job because of the variety each client brings and the challenge that comes with it. You will soon be able to see the passion that I have for it and i hope this will have an effect on you and the mind-set you currently have towards exercise.

Personal Training with Maximum Fitness is hard, It's Challenging, It will push you to your limits, But it's also very fun, very satisfying and most importantly very rewarding.

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Let me help you reach your MAXIMUM