Here's what a few of my personal training clients have to say about me:

Stuart Carter

School Teacher


"I have always been a keen lover of almost every sport, even if my ability held me back most of the time; Running has always been my love but, after turning 27, I started to notice that I was struggling to improve. My 5km times were getting slower, my 10km times were dropping and my marathon time lost 35 minutes somewhere: its fair to say I was in a bit of a rut. I was happy going on training runs and the odd bit of cross-training but I needed pushing. Maximum Fitness has been the real difference. After starting with fortnightly sessions, it became clear that he would push me harder than I ever would: this was exactly what I needed. These sessions soon became weekly and the rest of my life now fits in around these sessions. Max will always target the areas I need to develop and I can really feel the benefit of them. 18 months ago my core strength was dreadful but with the help of his varied, targetted sessions, my core is infinitely stronger. Something that has fed I to my running as I now have better form as I start to tire. The same is true on the bike as, with the help of Max, I was able to complete Ride London's 100 miles last summer, despite hitting some muscular and psychological issues during training. For me, he is part trainer, part psychologist, as most of my barriers are mental. Maximum fitness comes highly recommended. I'm benefiting from the consistency he has afforded me and I am stronger than I ever have been."

Jason Buckner



"In July of 2016 I moved back to Portsmouth after being away for almost 25 years. At the time, I was unable to run or go to the gym as I had just had knee surgery to remove my cartilage. I came across Max’s card by chance in Southsea Coffee. They also personally recommended him. I liked the sound of a personal trainer that likes his coffee!

After speaking to Max, I explained the condition I was in, my age (48) and told him that I was supposed to be doing The Great South Run in October. Even this didn’t put him off and he was keen to get going.
The first few sessions I had with Max I think was trying to ascertain how fit I was or wasn’t and what he could do with me. Those first few sessions were tough, but I really looked forward to those workouts and loved the feeling they gave me afterwards. He’s even got me doing burpees for the first time in 25 years.
Over the next three months Max got me into good enough condition to complete The Great South Run in 1hr 42. OK, I didn’t win but that’s hardly Max’s fault, is it?

What I really love about the sessions with Max is that no two workouts are the same. You never know what he is going to throw at you when you walk through the door. Sometimes that can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve had more wine than you should have the night before. But the not knowing, really is part of the fun.

Another great thing about Max is that sometimes he may push you to do things you think you can’t do, but it turns out you can. He does not set you challenges that you will fail in. He knows what you can do and you will feel great when you’ve done it.

I’ve now been trained by Max for well over a year and I’ve found the experience to be nothing but rewarding and fun. He is always enthusiastic and if you put the effort into your workout he’ll reciprocate with his commitment to get you into the best shape you can possibly be in.

I would definitely recommend Max to anyone. Whether you are a serious sportsman, a little old and out of shape (like me) or if you’ve never been into a gym before, he will have a work out that will suit your needs. Oh, and Max if you’re reading this mate, can you go a little easier on the burpees please?"

Luke Stutters

Software Developer


"I started a new job last year and I wanted to make some changes. I was in pretty bad shape after some health problems the previous year and I wanted to invest in my fitness and improve my appearance. I contacted several personal trainers in Hampshire and decided that Max was the best man for the job.

Max had a big challenge getting me into shape. I hadn't done any exercise for a couple of years, I hadn't played any sports since university and I was living off sweets and eating chocolate cake for breakfast. My job as a software developer didn't give me any opportunity to work out during the day. The first sessions were very hard but Max gave me a lot of encouragement and motivation.

Once he got my diet cleaned up, Max helped me set ambitious targets and I started making serious progress. He taught me how to control my diet and maintain my fitness. I was able to use what I had learned during my training sessions to stay fit on the road and eat clean wherever I was.

I am now in the best shape of my life. I am leaner and fitter than I was at university 15 years ago and I can do things that I didn't think I could ever achieve. Training with Max is easily the best investment I have ever made."

Cheryl Morgan

Marketing Officer, Portsmouth City Council


"Max is a talented & committed personal trainer. He listens to what you want to achieve & is dedicated to helping you get there. For me, variety is important as I hate to know what's coming next & to be repeating the same exercises each session. Max devises brilliant workouts that continually challenge & push me. He's incredibly motivating & never lets me give up, even when I moan! He knows what I'm capable of & makes sure I always give 100%. It's this attitude which has helped me achieve such great results with him. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."

Lucy Sayers



"By happy accident I was introduced to Max one afternoon and, only because I had been quietly wondering if would be possible to work with a personal trainer to regain my fitness, arranged a consultation but with much fear and insecurity;

My aim was to regain strength and mobility.  Being over 50 I knew that fitness would get more difficult to obtain and maintain and that effort would be required to make a difference but, so far, since the birth of my youngest daughter, I had made everything else a priority – children, work, house – and found it easy to put fitness as the last item on the list.  Actually fitness wasn’t on any of my lists but needed to be. 

At the consultation, Max was unjudgmental, interested in my aims, kind and positive that he could help.  He gave me hope that had waned after a significant round of physios, chiropractors and even surgeon i had previously turned too after a serious injury to my back.

No I could not really do any of the exercises first session and when I got home counted the minutes till I could go to bed… but I can 10 months later.  Core strength being the main key to physical success, Max has patiently stood by and counted to 10+ so many times.  He is talented and knows how far to push the exercise, something that I remain incapable of doing for myself. The exercises have been varied and interesting and gives me little clue whether I am progressing or not until it is explained.  The psychology of this is great because I can’t learn how to ‘cheat’ the exercise to make it ‘easy’ or ever think I have done enough.  Before i had no idea how to push myself physically or trust my body not to get hurt and undo the work I had done in trying to keep mobile but now I am learning all the time. 

Am I where I want to be?  My first aim, was surpassed within a couple of months but as I get fitter I have new ambitions. I am fit enough to walk the Camino in April (22km per day) I feel so much better in myself and feel that my core muscles are starting to work together – a memory of pre-childbirth days – and it is really really good.

If you are in a similar place, be encouraged and start to appreciate your middle aged, less than perfect body and take a step towards feeling healthier, fitter and watch yourself shape up.   I can recommend Max’s constant professional, sensitive and skilled approach to his work and having met other clients along the way, have found that all hold him in the highest regard."

Will Thornton


"I've been training with Max for nearly two years. Every session is hard work but Max really knows his stuff, and most importantly knows how to read his clients to get the absolute best out of them. He has real ambition for personal training, and this shows in the structure of each session. You can see the pleasure he gets out of seeing you achieve your improvements and goals, so please only engage him if you really want to change."

Zoe Farrow

IT Sales Manager For IBM

"At the beginning of 2016 the realisation of a milestone birthday hitting at the end of the year, it was time to address my nemesis, my weight! I have been over weight from the age of 8 years old, I have tried every weight loss programme about, lost some weight and then put it on. This time it had to be different! Being over weight from an early age, exercise was totally out of my comfort zone. A friend had started with another trainer at Sweat and was loving the results, so I thought I might give it go. Max has been the support I never realised I needed. No training session is ever the same, and even though my head tells me I can't do it, Max tells me I can, and he is right. Max loves what he does and that comes through in the focus and support he gives to his clients. Before each session I am still nervous, exercise is still not something I feel comfortable doing, but I know Max will push me to what I am capable of and then further. Max has been instrumental in the improvement of my health and fitness but also in my self confidence. Six months through this journey, I am the lowest weight I have been and I am in the smallest dress size I can remember, my 'wobbly' bits are getting toned!"