Nowadays there is so much misinformation around about nutrition, diet plans and fad trends that the latest “Reality star celebrity” is promoting on their social media platforms to the thousands of followers they have somehow accumulated just “being themselves”. The problem actually lies from within the huge company behind these people with an endless bucket of money for their marketing campaign on the latest product, they are the driving force behind the reality stars who are doing the real damage to gullible individuals.

I have recently been so put off from social media for many different reasons. On one hand it’s fantastic and such a priceless tool now for businesses, both corporate and independent, and lets face it we all rely on it now if we want to visit somewhere, no matter what or where it is a vast amount of us will look at it via social media. I’ll be the first one to admit that I do just that. I have an Instagram page for my business, of course I do, but as some of you will know I’m quite inconsistent with my activity on it and maybe if I did post everyday x3 a day my following would be much greater but thats not what I care about, as we all know its QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

However, on the other hand its starting to become very dreary, boring and repetitive. Before I even open the app I know what i’m going to see, post after post of someone promoting something, telling you that whatever they’re doing is really helping them loose weight with this tea they’re drinking in the morning, or wearing a belt around their waist to trick the mind into thinking they’re smaller than they are. Im sorry, but if you actually buy into these shockingly embarrassing techniques to lure you into parting with your money you seriously need some help and not in the form of a tea or belt. These recent fad trends and diets are just becoming ridiculous with people being brainwashed by salespeople, it doesn’t matter that they don’t work in a swanky car dealership they are still salespeople and are in it to make themselves some quick money. Do you not think that if their financial profit was taken away from them they would still really really care (as they make out) about you and your weight-loss journey? The answer is NO.

Ive been in this industry long enough to know who the genuine people are trying to make a difference on peoples lives for the better and who are in just to make money (trust me they are out there) thinking its an easy job standing around yelling at clients daily. Yes it might be more accessible nowadays for people to become a personal trainer from a weekend course or promote junk on social media but i’m sorry if your hearts not in it you won’t succeed.

If you’ve read this and wondered what actually is the secret ingredient to loosing weight, it comes in just 2 words…….CALORIE DEFICIT.

If you would like more information about calorie deficits please let me know.