Why Do You Exercise?

Yesterday I asked a very important question to one of my clients and I was very impressed with the honest reply I received. This made me think further into the subject and it was something I feel more people should be asking themselves. It is something you do need to be completely honest with because its actually quite interesting when you start to dig at the reasons you put all this hard work and effort in. 

I primarily exercise for 3 main reasons,

1 - I love a challenge so anything that taps into my competitive element is a win, I enjoy pushing myself to the next level and feeling a sense of achievement from any challenge.

2 - There is no better feeling than after some exercise, without doubt both mentally and physically the rush you get from exercise is incredible. If I don't exercise I feel terrible, sluggish and demotivated so the key to avoiding the above is to grab my trainers, workout gear and grind it out.

3 - I love food and exercise allows me to eat with flexibility and enjoyment. (oh and the odd beer on a Saturday night) 

Everyone's top 3 will be different. Which is great! Everyone exercises for a purpose but the outcome of improved health is usually pretty consistent. Taking time to think about this question also allows you to appreciate the many reasons out there that other people may have. We actually have huge diversity in fitness, and that is something I think we should all embrace.