My 7 Best Pre-Workout Foods

I regularly get asked by my clients, "what shall I eat before I workout", Too little will leave you feeling faint, too much will leave you feeling sick. If you want to really get the most out of your workout its vital you fuel the body before hand, so be prepared to munch your way to success....

1 - BANANAS - Known as nature's power bar, they are packed with carbohydrates and potassium, which supports your nerve and muscle function.

2 - OATS - They are full of fibre, oats release carbohydrates gradually, due to this slow release energy levels are kept consistent throughout your workout , meaning you can train harder for longer, oats have a great source of vitamin b which helps convert carbs into energy.

3 - CHICKEN, BROCCOLI, SWEET POTATO - If you are working on building muscle mass or plan to hit your circuit training hard, then this cheeky little combo is a must for you, I know it is classed more as a meal than a snack but its highly recommended and if its good enough for the pro athletes of the world its definitely good enough for you.

4 - DRIED FRUIT - For a quick and easy pre-workout snack, get on some dried berries,apricots, figs, and pineapple. these are all a good source of simple carbs that are easily digestible.

5 - WHOLE GRAIN BAGEL - One slice of a wholegrain bagel is an excellent source of carbs. you can either add some hard boiled eggs to it for a high protein hit or some low fat turkey. Or maybe a nice spread of natural peanut butter...

6 - FRUIT AND GREEK YOGURT - This is a killer combo, the fruit is full of carbs while greek yog packs a protein filled punch. The carbs in the fruit break down quickly and are used as fuel during the workout, and obviously the yogurt stores for a little longer and is used to prevent muscle damage.

7 - TRAIL MIX - Nuts do have high fat content I know, but they do provide the protein and calories required if your goal is muscle mass. If your goal is the complete opposite then steer well clear. I don't want you all biting my ear off telling me your getting fat because your eating trail mix before you workout.

TIP - Make sure you have your pre workout snack 30-90 minutes before you workout, so you dont feel bloated, if you are eating a larger meal like the chicken, broccoli, sweet potato etc then wait a full 90 mins, if its just a banana then 30 mins should be fine.

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