How To Enjoy Exercise

BE REALISTIC: If you haven't set foot in a gym for years, aiming to suddenly spend five hours there a week may be hard to keep up and be consistent with. I suggest you set yourself a much more realistic target of 3 workouts a week, and what I mean by that is perhaps 2 workouts in a gym or class etc and 1 walk/run outside, Living in Southsea, Portsmouth myself and a number of my clients are very fortunate to have a fantastic seafront right on our doorstep to take advantage of when exercising outside but it doesn't matter where you are or what you have  mix it up and make it interesting because if you are just waking up and going to the gym everyday sooner or later you will get bored of it and this will lead to you giving up.

PLAN AHEAD: Check your diary at the start of each week and decide where your fitness and exercise routine can be factored in. If you are vaguely hoping you'll find time at some point probably means you won't. This is a big mistake as you are setting yourself an unlikely chance of fitting it in your regular week, there are 24hrs in a day and if you say you have no time then I'm sorry but that comes down to laziness. I understand people have busy jobs and full time parents etc but you need to have bit of self discipline to really make it work. Always remember actions speak louder than words.

SET YOURSELF A GOAL: It can be as basic as improving the time it takes youth walk/run a mile etc it doesn't have to be anything too intense if you don't want it to be, off course if you want your goal to be a big event like the Great South Run or a triathlon then by all means absolutley do it. My point being that your goal has to be something acheivable to yourself and your own ability, you have to know whats right for you when setting it, Try not to get carried away with someone else's goal. tip - Getting sponsored for a worthy cause is always a great incentive not to give it up.

If you would like help making your exercise and fitness routine fun and enjoyable and would like to experience some Personal Training then please do not hesitate to contact me.