Great South Run Recovery Tips

What you do - and don't do - after you cross the finish line of a run determines how quickly you'll recover, if you don't want to be walking like John Wayne after the race then you should definitely  read my tips.

AT THE FINISH LINE: DO - keep moving for 5-10 minutes. / DON'T - perform any static stretches.

WITHIN THE HOUR: DO - eat a carb rich snack or drink. / DON'T - stand around in damp sweaty kit.

IN THE AFTERNOON: DO - have a power nap of 30mins. / DON'T - use any anti-inflammatory painkillers.

LATER THAT EVENING: DO - have a milk based drink before bed. / DON'T - drink excessive alcohol.

THE NEXT DAY: DO - try wearing compression tights. / DON'T - go near people with colds.

2 DAYS LATER: DO - a gentle swim. / DON'T - go for a run.

3-4 DAYS LATER: D0 - have a sports massage. / DON'T - have an ice bath.

5-6 DAYS LATER: DO - a run, just 20-30 minutes. / DON'T - try any interval/hill based runs.

Good luck to everyone doing the Great South Run this year. If you would like any more information or tips on preparation and recovery for this event visit my contact page and I will be happy to help.