Cellulite.... Lets get rid of it.


If you don't know what cellulite is, it is also known by some people under the nickname as orange peel and looks like lots of dimples in the thigh and bottom area. |
Essentially, cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat deposits giving it a lumpy appearance. 


A diet of fast food, processed food, saturated fats, high salt content and alcohol will no undoubtedly bring on cellulite. Maybe not instantly for some people, but if you're 16-25 for example and eating a diet of the above, then expect cellulite to come back to haunt you after all the years of diet abuse.


No. Being overweight isn't necessarily the cause, although losing weight and eating the right diet can reduce the appearance of it. Some slimmer females have cellulite too, so it's more than just weight that encourages cellulite to form. It is nothing more than normal fat beneath the skin pushing against the connective tissue.


A good healthy and colourful diet full of good fats, lean proteins, fruit and veg can not only help with health, weight loss and cellulite but also hormone levels. Hormone changes can contribute to cellulite, so the more you control them with the right food and exercise the better you will feel. 


One thing diet won't do is tone! There are so many myths about cellulite and crazy creams and machines that supposedly give you a quick fix to cellulite. Well they don't, it is either a short term fix or no fix with most of them costing a fortune.
Some creams and beauty treatments can cost the same as a month gym sessions, sometimes even a years membership! Marketing is a powerful tool- don't be fooled.

Exercise and toning your legs and glutes can really reduce the appearance of cellulite. Combine this with the right diet and I PROMISE you will see a big change in weeks.