Lifestyle Changes, Get Outdoors

No more excuses, the mornings and evenings are lighter now this means you have the chance to make the most of the day and get outdoors. Too many people use a number of lame excuses when it comes to exercising however when it comes to the heart of summer and they feel horrible in what they are wearing they will only be wishing they had started doing some form of exercise to prevent this from happening.

Not only does your body need the exercise but your mind needs it just as much, there is nothing worse than having a bad day at the office, coming home in a mood consequently venting your anger towards family sitting down with rubbish food to comfort yourself. Get your running shoes on and get outside go for a walk/run, not only are you getting vital exercise but you are clearing your head.

On a Saturday morning it is well worth taking a walk along Southsea seafront to see the number of people out doing a form of exercise, whether its the park run, cycling, walking, tennis, circuit classes on the common all of them are getting outdoors and making it a part of they're lifestyle and it is very refreshing to see the local public of Portsmouth doing this. The only thing stopping you from doing it is a poor excuse.