Client Progression

I love my job for many many reasons but top of that list and without doubt is when clients of mine is making big progress.

The last two days i have trained my clients and can quite honestly say each and every one of them are doing absolutely brilliant and taking such big steps towards the desired set goal that we have. Every client is different, different goals, different lifestyles, different commitments and different abilities. However although they are different in many aspects all of them have one thing in common, the hunger and drive to improve they're bodies and most importantly lifestyle.

Yesterday I finished an initial block of 10 with a client, When she had her consultation I asked her what she would like to achieve and what her long term goal was, she told me she had a navy fitness test she had to pass and also she wanted to improve her confidence in running. After many gruelling but enjoyable sessions focusing on a variety of things targeting the full body in each workout, I threw her into the deep end on her very last session yesterday and took our workout onto the streets of Southsea. Its safe to say she soon realised that she was going for a run, and after 29 minutes and 22 seconds she had completed her first ever 5k run without stopping or dropping her pace, something she thought she would never be able to do, I was so pleased and proud at what she had just achieved and she was equally if not more. Now we have our next goal to hit and I have no doubt that we will. Well done Laura.

It's not an easy road to success but when you get there the view from the top is great, I want to be the one helping you get to the top.

If you are interested in achieving your own success message me for more details.