3 simple tips for sticking to a clean diet when dining out

Don't surrender your social life in a bid to eat clean, you can still do both. Learn how to navigate restaurant menus and stay on your diet while eating out with these 3 tips.

1 - Don't drink your calories, cutting out alcohol is one of the simplest strategies to reduce overall calories when dieting. Have a nice refreshing water to wash the meal down with and the bonus is, IT'S FREE! 

2 - Eat protein, veggies, and carbs in this order. Protein and high fibre vegetables help to slow down digestion which leaves you feeling fuller, faster. By prioritising on these two items from the start you're less likely to overindulge in a sugary desert. 

3 - Portion control. It is very easy to eat as much as you can whilst dining out, asking for extras, side plates etc. If you feel the urge to clear the lot, chances are you will feel like you have eaten enough for the next 3 days. Try and have self discipline.