Nowadays there is so much misinformation around about nutrition, diet plans and fad trends that the latest “Reality star celebrity” is promoting on their social media platforms to the thousands of followers they have somehow accumulated just “being themselves”. The problem actually lies from within the huge company behind these people with an endless bucket of money for their marketing campaign on the latest product, they are the driving force behind the reality stars who are doing the real damage to gullible individuals.

I have recently been so put off from social media for many different reasons. On one hand it’s fantastic and such a priceless tool now for businesses, both corporate and independent, and lets face it we all rely on it now if we want to visit somewhere, no matter what or where it is a vast amount of us will look at it via social media. I’ll be the first one to admit that I do just that. I have an Instagram page for my business, of course I do, but as some of you will know I’m quite inconsistent with my activity on it and maybe if I did post everyday x3 a day my following would be much greater but thats not what I care about, as we all know its QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

However, on the other hand its starting to become very dreary, boring and repetitive. Before I even open the app I know what i’m going to see, post after post of someone promoting something, telling you that whatever they’re doing is really helping them loose weight with this tea they’re drinking in the morning, or wearing a belt around their waist to trick the mind into thinking they’re smaller than they are. Im sorry, but if you actually buy into these shockingly embarrassing techniques to lure you into parting with your money you seriously need some help and not in the form of a tea or belt. These recent fad trends and diets are just becoming ridiculous with people being brainwashed by salespeople, it doesn’t matter that they don’t work in a swanky car dealership they are still salespeople and are in it to make themselves some quick money. Do you not think that if their financial profit was taken away from them they would still really really care (as they make out) about you and your weight-loss journey? The answer is NO.

Ive been in this industry long enough to know who the genuine people are trying to make a difference on peoples lives for the better and who are in just to make money (trust me they are out there) thinking its an easy job standing around yelling at clients daily. Yes it might be more accessible nowadays for people to become a personal trainer from a weekend course or promote junk on social media but i’m sorry if your hearts not in it you won’t succeed.

If you’ve read this and wondered what actually is the secret ingredient to loosing weight, it comes in just 2 words…….CALORIE DEFICIT.

If you would like more information about calorie deficits please let me know.



The days of eating for survival have gone, and food has taken on a whole new meaning. We’re in the comfort food age. We turn to food for comfort in response to emotional triggers, with complete disregard to actual hunger.


If you come home at the end of a stressful day and the first thing you do is open up the junk cupboard and start mindlessly munching on crisps and dip then you my friend are an emotional eater. Most likely, you can’t help it. We emotionally eat out of habit, sometimes without even realising we’re doing it. We instinctively respond to stressors by reaching for the snack cupboard. We’re aware that it’s not rational or ideal to be shovelling in junk just because our emotions are swinging, but it feels like we can’t stop doesn’t it and then the whole feeling of guilt will sink in, thats the moment you say to yourself “I've opened them so I might swell carry on” NO, don’t carry on.


Emotional eating is common. In fact, it’s very common, And it’s not surprising - we’re primed for emotional eating from a very young age when our parents give us a lollipop for behaving well or an ice cream cone for getting a good grade in school. As adults, we mimic the habit of rewarding ourselves with food, whether it’s in response to something positive or negative. 

When turning to food for comfort we generally choose high-fat, high sugar junk food which give us brief hit of pleasure. 

Instead of addressing emotions, which at times are unpleasant, we get the short-term relief and happiness that food brings. But that’s exactly the problem. It’s short term and 9/10 we do regret it.


1 - Identify your triggers There are lots of potential triggers for emotional eating. Some of the most common triggers include feeling lonely, anxious, tired or even just bored. Take some time to identify the different emotions that are causing you to reach for food and address them, I personally like a list, so grab a pen and paper, write down what they are and how you are going to use them in your favour.

2 - Find alternatives Once you've got the list and identified the potential triggers of your emotional eating, you can come up with strategies to help avoid these situations in the future.

For example...

  • If you're feeling bored or lonely, try calling a friend or family member to catch-up. Sometimes just being in a social environment can help too.

  • If you're feeling exhausted, and it's late at night, Just go to bed!

  • If you're feeling anxious or nervous, try going for a walk, run or lifting weights.

  • And a personal favourite of mine…..DRINK WATER!

3 - Only eat when you’re hungry A lot of us have forgotten how to recognise and interpret the hunger signals that our bodies send us. Yes, it’s much easier said than done. But before you open your fridge door, ask yourself why you’re reaching for food.

Is your stomach grumbling, or is there something else driving you? Stop for a moment and make yourself conscious of your motivation.

Are you craving a specific food or would you eat a plate of broccoli and brussel sprouts you're that hungry.

4 - Avoid temptations You’re more likely to make bad food choices if you have tempting and unhealthy foods in your kitchen cupboards, that’s a well known fact, I often tell new clients to Maximum Fitness to bin bag all junk food up and get rid, if its not visible its not edible. Rather than deprive yourself of snacks altogether, try to save your favourite foods for special occasions and stick mostly to healthy snacks like fruit, vegetables and protein-rich options.

5 - Accountability you're much less likely to give in to cravings if you need to write it in your food diary, this is something that is really important to this whole process as it will help you build up an immune system to the bad choices you once made.

Hope you have enjoyed the read and feel free to send me any questions via my contact page if you wish too.


August Fitness Challenge

I have decided to come up with a challenge that I would like you to do throughout the month of August. This is something that I feel will be fantastic for both you're fitness levels and energy levels and I am 99.9% sure that you will achieve great results from it if you can stick to it and not give up and slack on it.

Now Im sure you are probably reading this thinking you don't have time to do it or you haven't got the space to do it but I assure you it, minimal time is required and minimal space also. its something I want you to commit to and not slack on. This for me is about setting you a physical but also mental challenge, I want you to prove to yourself you can do it, and of course MAKE IT COUNT.


Ok so here is the challenge below...



(you choose the route you take to get there) 

1 set of 30 reps

2 sets of 15 reps

3 sets of 10 reps

(Morning,Day, or Night)


I know its everyones hated exercise but why? I'm sure your not surprised to hear that I am a huge fan of this brilliant bodyweight exercise and I also will be doing the challenge and recording it on my Instagram stories. I want you to really go for this and be consistent with it, lets face it if your going to do a challenge you might as well do it properly and win, set a reminder everyday on your phone and get it done.


I will be able to tell who has been doing it and who hasn't trust me so don't let me down.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.



Why Do You Exercise?

Yesterday I asked a very important question to one of my clients and I was very impressed with the honest reply I received. This made me think further into the subject and it was something I feel more people should be asking themselves. It is something you do need to be completely honest with because its actually quite interesting when you start to dig at the reasons you put all this hard work and effort in. 

I primarily exercise for 3 main reasons,

1 - I love a challenge so anything that taps into my competitive element is a win, I enjoy pushing myself to the next level and feeling a sense of achievement from any challenge.

2 - There is no better feeling than after some exercise, without doubt both mentally and physically the rush you get from exercise is incredible. If I don't exercise I feel terrible, sluggish and demotivated so the key to avoiding the above is to grab my trainers, workout gear and grind it out.

3 - I love food and exercise allows me to eat with flexibility and enjoyment. (oh and the odd beer on a Saturday night) 

Everyone's top 3 will be different. Which is great! Everyone exercises for a purpose but the outcome of improved health is usually pretty consistent. Taking time to think about this question also allows you to appreciate the many reasons out there that other people may have. We actually have huge diversity in fitness, and that is something I think we should all embrace.


One Step Ahead Of The Rest!

The cliché time to join the gym, train hard, eat well and kick start that new healthy lifestyle seems to be January. It’s a bit like “diet starts Monday”,

There is no doubt that when the days feel shorter, the mornings are darker and the temperature drops, finding the motivation to train is especially hard. Not only that, but Christmas is around the corner and so we naturally adopt a laid back attitude towards our diets and indulgent comfort food quickly fills the shelves. It is so easy to result back to the sofa, turn up the heating and wait for summer to return. HOWEVER as a result many of us are feeling sluggish, putting on weight and regretting it, using Christmas as an excuse to eat whatever we like.
So my solution to this is....

Start by making those healthier choices now, why wait for January when you’re still trying to get over the festivities? If you get into the swing of things prior to Christmas and the New Year, you’ll enjoy it a lot more without the worry of your weight increasing and all the other side effects too much indulgence can bring. 

Benefits of starting your new healthy lifestyle prior to Christmas:

  1. You’ll continue to build up your immune system ready to fight the colder months of December and January.

  2. With a lack of sunshine, you’ll get your happy vitamin D from a good diet and those endorphin's from regular exercise.

  3. The days may seem shorter because they’re darker but gym opening times remain the same, extend your day by being proactive; don’t let the darkness fool you.

  4. You’ll feel incredible in all your new Christmas clothes and outfits for those Christmas and NYE parties.

  5. By eating right and regularly exercising you are making allowances for the extra alcohol and indulgences we tend to enjoy around this time of year.

  6. Lastly, you’ll simply feel better, more energised and ready to take on the busy festive period.

Break out of the pack and prep for your 2018 now. I am currently available for Personal Training in Portsmouth & Southsea. contact me now for times and days to suit you.