Max Eacott


  I'm an extremely driven and passionate trainer with a great hunger for helping people achieve their goals. I take enormous pride in my ability to get the most out of people, being a positive impact on peoples lives and I enjoy the opportunity personal training gives me to change peoples lifestyles and not just physical appearances. 

I have always been a keen sportsman, whilst i am happy to take part in any sporting activity the two that i have a passion for are Football and Tennis. However after having two serious injuries from football i was no longer able to do what i loved. The disappointment of this has created the mindset and attitude that i have today towards exercise, defeating the odds, pushing through the barriers and most importantly having the mental

strength and will power to suceed.


I love motivating people, i believe everyone lacks motivation in certain aspects and i like the challenge of being the motivation for people to achieve what they once didn't believe. Personal Training is proven to be very effective when changing your lifestyle and body. if you are really committed to the cause then you will get results and once you see results it becomes an addiction.

If your willing to put in 100% i am willing to put in 110%, There are many Personal Trainers in the Portsmouth and Southsea area but Im confident none are as passionate about it than me.